An answer to all my friends


A friend once asked me
"Do you love me?"
I said "Yes."
she asked "Why"
because everyday
without even knowing
it you help me get by

You lift my spirits and
don't even have to try
you know the right words
to make me smile or cry

you can get a giggle from
me with a simple sigh
you can draw a sense
of lost & loneliness from
me just by saying Good bye

So if you're my true friend
after writing this I can
never lie
If you in your heart know
that I love you read this
and you'll always know WHY!!!!!

U NO WHO U R!!!!!!

Poetry by Will
Read 766 times
Written on 2008-01-17 at 15:19

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Kathy Lockhart
this is so tender Will. I love the way you have answered the Why. It is so true and so very sincere. Well done Will.
: ) kathy