Christmas Eve for the children. Laying in bed wondering Will Santa Come?

Christmas Eve

Christmas eve sees the young child
Quite reluctant to sleep
Wide-awake he tosses
He turns in his bed
Tiredness not yet drifting over him
No slumber this night
Listening in the darkness
For a creak or a noise

Staying awake for a rendezvous
He is determined to keep
Fighting drowsiness to glimpse
The old man in red
Slumber wins out
His eyes are shut tight
He couldn't fight the weariness
Despite all his ploys,

At the foot of his bed
Presents lie in a heap
He sits up in wonderment
Shaking his head
As he tears off the wrappings
In the dim morning light
He yells out
"Thank you Santa for all of my toys"

Now wide-awake
From his bed he does leap
To see if the reindeers
And Santa were fed,
With fresh milk and biscuits
To take on their flight,
Delivering still more presents
To good Girls and Boys.

Other children
From their bedrooms do creep,
Waking their mums and dads
Still asleep in their bed
To show them Santa's presents
So perfect, just right,
Cherished is their innocence
Filled with delightful joys.

Poetry by Albert
Read 1052 times
Written on 2005-12-24 at 09:46

Tags Christmas  Children  Enjoyment 

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Edna Sweetlove
Innocent. But a little too coy for me.

Spot on Albert this is just how it is well done :-))