she asked for time
till the day i die
She has time

I wait

She gave me a chance
but there were tears in her eyes.

She gave me a chance
But could never forget the past.

A smile came upon my face
Yet tears fell of my eyes.

My life became complete
yet there was something missing.

For i knew
She had came to me
To go back again.

Then one day
with tears in her eyes
She asked for more time.

With a smile on my face
I did
Happy to know know, she cared
For I knew
Time is better
Then her to come and go back again.

Now I wait
I wait for her to come to me
Till then I hold my self inside of me
Till then I hide away my flame
The flame that burns for her.
Till then
I dream

Poetry by Hamzah Khan
Read 941 times
Written on 2005-12-27 at 19:49

Tags Chance  Wait  Love 

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Esti D-G The PoetBay support member heart!
A lovely , gentle, hopeful love poem.
Thanks Hamza, keep it up!
love esti