I finally broke down and went to see my best friend's daughter with some persuading from my wife LOL

Not much left to be said

I thought of this moment
since the day of her birth
Kiddo it was another special
moment you added to my life
for what it was worth

I know I didn't have
much to say
I let Tammie do all
the talking I hope
that was O kay

If you know me as you do
you knew what I was feeling
It was either be subdued as
I was or you'd have foot marks
from me dancing on the ceiling

What i was feeling was happiness
and a weird sense of pride
I was proud of the Mom you've
become and overjoyed yet
I keep that all inside

I didn't want to show out
I just wanted to show up
all I needed was to start
acting a fool so Tammie and
you would have thought
I need to grow up

So I walked around your
home looking at pictures
to see what I missed
Your marriage, your pregnancy
a little of that, a little of this

with my visit complete I hugged
you and told you how proud i was
all while thinking in my head
you make a great Mom and Wife
thank God you're not alone anymore
and there's not much left to be said.


I understand there's no more room for me in your life. I'm happy for your happiness.

Poetry by Will
Read 832 times
Written on 2008-02-19 at 15:07

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Kathy Lockhart
congratulations Will and a big thanks to Tammie for her encouragement. This is a very uplifting well written poem from the a very big man with a very tender heart. : )