Just a realization I've come to understand

My major fault

I meet each day with a cold stare
realizing that everyday life's not fair
yet I know beyond a shadow of a doubt
I'm blessed
a lot of ppl. have it harder and have much less

with that being said everyday I thank God
realizing I can still complain about it being hard
but I don't I just live with the hurt
I continue to train, take care of my son & wife,
play & work

I realize from seeing my friend I detest change
although it's inevitable isn't that strange
age, situations and time
all these affect change I know this in my mind

All though nothing has changed in matters of the heart
certain situations make me feel as if we've grown apart
although we haven't change has cause that illusion
its not that we've changed in our love
it's our situations that's my drawn conclusion.


Change must happen for growth and understanding in my mind I can see this
but I still have a hard time but I'm working on it that is my weakness..


Poetry by Will
Read 764 times
Written on 2008-02-20 at 18:01

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Every hard step have a great opportunity...Never complain
It's a part of our life....thank you for sharing this...kisses