A friend just sent me an e*mail that inspired this


Once upon a time
A man asked God
for a Flower & a Butterfly
God gave him a Cactus
and Caterpillar and the
man was sad and wondered why

From the Cactus sprung a flower
from the cacoon came a butterfly
The man I imagined began
to cry

God doesn't always give you
what you ask for when you
but if you can see in between the
lines if you can read it
you may not get it in your time
but you will get it when you need it

Remember from a thorn bush
comes a rose
from tough times in life
that's where strength grows

So when you have phony
ppl (friends) in your life
sometimes you have to
stop to realize
that fake friends makes the
real ones more of a blessing
in your eyes

For my wife and I it's been
a tough run
but through sticking it out
our blessing has come, our Son

I'm sure there are times my
wife has said how did we
get in this mess
there were arguements,
yelling and lots of stress

But we stuck it out
and through it all
came our son
so I guess the moral is
sometimes a blessing is
a blessing even though
it may not look or feel
like one...

And through our blessings love Grows


Poetry by Will
Read 868 times
Written on 2008-03-07 at 19:09

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Wow!!!it's a masterpiece! a love that grows for eternity ...your wife and your son is very lucky to have you...GOD SPEED!!!kissess

as you know my love flows through my veins for you the love of my life and our son the love and joy of my life.As I said once to you before sometimes you can't realize love till something special happens and then you see it through that moment of surprise for us it was our son.and now you realize that I told you we can grow and make it together through good or bad ,bad or good,smooth sailing or rough waters we would make it together as one for our love for one another and our bundle of joy 9our Son) as one A family,a couple,lovers,friends, etc...you know what I mean there lol but main of all we three are one (1) forever !!
may our love shine and grow and florish forever in the time to come us. I told you your my M_ _ _ M_ _ _ _ _R lol your poetry always makes me feel loved and warm inside for you have away of knowing how to touch my heart " Thanks My Love"as you already know I feel the same for you as you do me always!!

I love you my prince "Will"
and my Angel sent from above
you are my night & shinning armor
and I love you always & foever!!