Today was supposed to be our fourth month until he cut it short...ZOMG two weeks and a day ago. I'm pathetic. I know. But see me tomorrow. You'll see what kind of reckless I can be.

Set It Off

Set it off
Blow it off
It doesn't matter how
We gotta goŚnow

Black leather top
Tight ass jeans
Hot red lipstick
Gloss all over it

Set it off
Blow it off
Total demolition
Social status termination
I don't care
You don't
Why are we standing here?
When we're blocking everything we hear

You're the focus of this tunnel vision
Winning you is my direct mission

Black leather top
Tight ass jeans
Red hot lipstick
Gloss shinnin' over top

Floor sinking
Ceiling rising
The delicious vertigo
We gotta go, you can't say no

You've set it all off
Not gonna let you blow it off
The total and extreme
Rising social status

Poetry by Callisto Jean
Read 529 times
Written on 2008-03-27 at 13:45

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