I wrote it last week. But this seems like the more appropriate time to have written it considering recent events. Excuse the French. I was short on words to associate my anger with.

Tried of Being Who I Am

Tried of being me
For once I'd like to let go
Let all these pent up emotions go

I really can't take it anymore
You think you're so much better
I'm just the one being nicer

Like always
Like always
For once, I want to tell the truth

But regard for your emotions always hold me back
My control is going to derail off track

I hate you
I hate you
But I only stand and stare

Fuck you
Fuck you
I don't want to care

Like your puppet, limp and tied
Everything inside me has died

It's your entire fault
It's my entire fault

You because you're so vain
While I'm standing in the rain
All you see is what you want to see

Me because I never speak what's on my mind
No not because I've been blind
That's how you tend to look over me

Fuck you, fuck you
You're not my best friend
If we ever were, then this is the end

I don't need you to think you're taking care of me
I don't need you, will you ever fucking let me be

I'm sick of you
I want to forget you
I hate you
I regret you

Shut up when I'm talking to you
I'm about to get rid of the very worst part of me
So stand there, you can watch for free
The person I hate is guess who

Poetry by Callisto Jean
Read 594 times
Written on 2008-04-01 at 18:43

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Caoimhe Murphy
i get the strong impression this has been a long time coming... anger built up?

if i understand it correctly...
give her a chance, she deserves it. she surprised me.
rmbr cambodia? cm was pissed beyond belief at her. and yet cm gave her another chance.

"I'm about to get rid of the very worst part of me"....
or maybe you're beyond that.
in any case,
i love this.

-- Caoimhe.