A short english essay

the complexity of simple human emotions.

Don't we all rely on others to express what we feel? Isn't that what we love about music, films, paitings? The list goes long for the genre of human emotion in prepackaged forms. So what should you choose as your favorit? What feeling fits you the best? For me is the simple and abandon, often sad. In music I listen after this I guess, beacause I realy want to find it. Yes, it's true that almost all young people are looking for something to hold on to. And yes I'm young. My name is Sofia, I'm young and naive but I also see myself as a poet. Then what suit me better then than music from a true poet? Simon and Garfunkel. Paul Simon is i my opinion, the man who wrote what we all was thinking but never said. He managed to strip down the rules of society and go closer to the human soul than streems of lovers ever will go. Take for exampel a phrase of the song "America": "Kathy I'm lost I said though I knew she was sleeping, I'm empty and aching and I don't know why." The texts of there music vibrates with the questions "What am I?" "Is this real?" and "What will become of us?". And the simple recrests ecos in the background "Love me and make me human again". It's realy rather naked. No lies, just the troubles and joy of the mind sung by Paul and Art. Some people clames that Art Garfunkel is unnessesary, but they are wrong. Yes, a heart can beat without veins but where will the blood go? To say that one is more important then the other is to disregard the purpose of the beating. To make us live. So if you would tare down your walls for a minuit and listen to the music from Simon and Garfunkel, you may find the complexity of simple human emotions.

Words by Sofia
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Written on 2008-04-08 at 21:41

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