On the battlefield.

I do not know where I am,
should I be here?
There are things around me,
things of the flesh and bones
but not of life,
there are no people left here,
just me, and chaos,
I'm trying to get under one of them,
under a pile of wool, blood and steel,
everything is so wet,
I think it's raining,
I like when it rains,
or I liked, I do not know anymore.
The thing above me is alive,
or it is twitching,
tried to kill it?
Is it an enemy?
I do not know, I do not know,
it doesn't move anymore,
it makes sound,
small, howling sound.
I think it cries.
I think I cry,
I'm not sure;
I can not see,
I do not know whom to shoot at,
I wonder if they know that it is
they are shooting at?
I think of Karolin,
if she wants me after this;
I do not want to die,

I dare not.

Poetry by Sofia
Read 755 times
Written on 2008-10-31 at 23:39

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