Cheap Lyrics Plagiarized

cheap lyrics from the radio
overused lines that expire tomorrow
cheap lyrics broken hearts plagiarize
sing of tomorrow I can only fantasize

mr. faceless DJ reading my heart
plucking the strings of my feelings
tell me, what have I done
for you to tear me apart

i'll break it
so we can play silent games
i'll burn it
melody can dance in flames

i'll break it
you won't have to hear
my heart will lose voice
and you'll forget
like i fear

overused lines
cheap lyrics broken hearts plagiarize
gaping wounds
they only temporarily cauterize

cheap lyrics i wish i could sing to you
sing of dreams never to come true

they're jsut lines
they're just lies
truth i fantasize

they're lies to you

cheap lyrics are all they are

to you

so i'll break it
so i'll burn it

we'll play silent games
of pretending i'm not here
we'll watch dancing flames
then you'll forget me like i fear

Poetry by Callisto Jean
Read 674 times
Written on 2008-04-09 at 08:01

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Caoimhe Murphy
the funny thing?
i hate listening to the radio because sometimes it describes so perfectly how i feel, and i have to face all those emotions, all those thoughts.

but then..

i turn to music when i most need someone else to explain to me how i feel. maybe, just maybe, someone else understands how i feel at that moment, at that point in time.

it tears me apart at times but then at others it helps put me back together. does that make sense? maybe it only makes sense in my head.

i love this poem, cj, i always love your stuff. ur my inspiration!

love always,