Just a playful poem intertwining math and love. It was written for light fun. You probably won't understand it unless you look sine graph or cosine graph up in the Internet. But if you're smart...you'll get it without needing to. If you don't get it,

Sine Cosine

You're as sexy as a cosine graph
You get under me
And then,
You drive me crazy once on top

I'm like a sine graph
I think I'm getting over you
Then, into your spell,
I get a call back
I'm like a sine graph

I've forgotten up from down
What are we going to do
With all this turning and twirling
Because I don't think I'm winning

You're like a cosine
Past you,
I can never seem to incline
You're my cosine

What do I do
When I get over
Then fall under

You get under me
Before you ride
Always sure, astride

I can't seem to move
From this up and down trend
To be honest,
I don't want this to end
So tell me now
Does a cycle
Never have an end?

Into your spell,
I keep getting call backs
I'm like a sine graph

Poetry by Callisto Jean
Read 739 times
Written on 2008-04-14 at 06:30

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yes of course...I know about sine or cosine graph (because Math and physics too much)...yes it goes up and down as the as the life hs those...but dont you think that tan grah will like an endless love b/w two two lovers..what do you think?..heheheh just joking....

Yes your poem was good....great job and fun is must in life

With best wishes