Greenleaf days

Greenleaf days
Days when I caught glipses of your skin against the foliage
Seeking refuge in being one with you, awaiting the cold age
You spotted me too, and sent your missiles straight through
And I had no time to move, because time belongs to you
I was thrown to my knees and shaken, breaking and stirred
And boy oh boy oh boy, how happy we were!

But now I need to forget, apply myself, lockpick, pull out and pry myself
And live my life in a box in a crate on a shelf
Locked up in a safe, riding an avalanche, demanding payment in codes and lockpick kits and the payment in advance
Because there's nothing like simple solutions!
Who needs to think for himself when we have evolution?
I'll fit Sahara into my hourglass, and once the greanleaf days have passed I'll leave the hourglass there smashed, and it will be up to you to properly recycle those shards of glass
But you'd better act real fast before the scavengers of desert leaves you an outcast
Cause somewhere in all this, I blame it all on you
Yeah I'm the one smiling funny smiles, but you fit into that frame too

It's the story of Rapunzel who got tired of waiting for that corner store clerk knight who never came
So one night she went berzerk, cut her hair off and set the whole castle aflame
The knight who had felt the scent of smoke, sang the lonely song of chains that broke and fell asleep with his pillowcase soaked
His little chickenheart in pieces, he never dared think again of the princess
Greenleaf days will leave you green any day

Poetry by lou bergs
Read 568 times
Written on 2005-07-05 at 14:44

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chasingtheday The PoetBay support member heart!
who's to say the sahara isn't in an hourglass, getting turned every few millenia, when the eggs are done.

StillHoppin The PoetBay support member heart!
i have read a few of yours now and the rap/hiphop feel comes straight through... i like that you don't lack for words, you have a vocabulary and you use it. i *love* the part about Rapunzel burning the castle down...