When head-over-heels in love, every thing you see, every flower you touch, every thing you do, is tinged with the heavenly fragrance of love...
You are forever filled with longing for your beloved...the desire is strong,very strong...

Longing by the Mountain Stream

We clambered up the mountain path
It was bright,
The air was chilling,
The sky so blue,
Blue as blue can be,
The orchids bobbed
Their pretty heads
At green ferns in abundant glee,
The cuckoos carried
Their endless dialogue,
Hill-Maina hopped on trees...
A stream danced stridently, and
Frolicked down the valley
It's hum created a hopeful thrill
Deep down my belly...
Wind sang its song in my ears,
My blood stream vibrating
In tune to its tally...

The path was arduous
Rocky and risky,
But, spirit of adventure,
Kept us going,
Our steps trod trustingly,
We reached the fountainhead
Of the mountain stream,
The water was cool,
It cooled my sweating brow,
The drops touched my cheeks, as you
Would kiss my troubled brow...

The stream gushed out of the rocky belly,
Creating an effervescence,
White, pink and delicate blue...
I dipped my feet
In crystal-clear water,
The foam caressed my feet,
Creating a tickling, tingling feeling
All over my skin,
To your touch akin,
It was so thrilling, heavenly,
Elating, that I thought of you...
There was little cave near by
Where air was still, very still,
I longed to be there with you,
Your breath touching my cheeks,
And tenderly make love to you...
How heavenly it would be...
Oh! How I longed for thee...

Author: Zoya Zaidi
Aligarh (UP), India,
Copyright : Zoya Zaidi

Poetry by Zoya Zaidi
Read 1970 times
Written on 2006-01-16 at 13:03

Tags Longing 

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thank you for writing this one...it doesn't matter for whom, or when, or how it was written, but reading it made me feel complete inside...*bookmarked, and thank you for pointing this to me!!!
Lilly xxx

Ron. S. King
there is a days' dreaming within each line you write, and the feeling that any poet might reach out a hand and touch you...You have an exquisite and delicate pen...Your poetry needs the night and tears for joyous read...Bless you for writing, dear Zoya...Ron...xxx

Rune Ljungberg
All I can do is to read and applaud.

beautifully wrote as only a loving heart could write,,,hugs to you with a few kisses thrown in...Eddy

You have certainly caught up with Dante Alighieri who wrote: "If it be the will of Him in whom all things flourish, I will write of you things that have never been written about any other woman." You on the other hand have written words about that special person that certainly matches the previous quote. I hope for you that the love you describe is that which Frank C. Labauch wrote: "When iron is rubbed agaisnt a magnet it becomes magnetic. Just so, love is caught not taught. One heart ablaze sets another on fire. The church was built on love, it proves what love can do." A most excellent poem!

Mark Reynolds
This poem is so touching. I once saw a stream so peaceful that two deer were drinking from it on opposite sides. the poem is as if the those deer met on the same side, so to say. Lovely write.

:))) Mark Reynolds

Absolutely beautiful.. Your spirit soars and your love dances in this beautiful poem...Joel

Esti D-G
Hiya Zoya!
Brilliant poem in free verse - my favourite!
I especially loved your images - "blood stream vibrating" " deep down my belly"
and "rocky belly".
Loadsaluv esti xxx

I really enjoyed the way longing purls forth from each line of this text :)

lastromantichero The PoetBay support member heart!
wow zoya that is some awesome love poem must be a lucky fella this one is for well done mike

My how breathtaking this is Zoya....You always know how to pen such beautiful words no matter what the subject matter. A truly tender and loving piece full of the excitement love always brings.


Hi Zoya ... How did I miss this " beauty " . In my work I can't always be here , but I try when I can . This is eloquent , such passion in words . Feel like if I meet someone just doing what your poem says .
Sounds like these two people are much in love ..... also agree with the other comments ... ditto ! .... GOOD ! .... Glen ( GB )

I'm proud of you...getting this to be a "representative" poem!! (i don't know what to call this....i hope you know what i'm talking about)
anyway, this is a beautiful expression of love...it sounds so beautiful....i love it!

opps--forgot to rate--!

Wow, I adore mountains as well, though never climbed one. Love this!

Good poem, especially enjoyed the ending.

Celtic boy
Yet again, you amaze me with your wonderful writing and the images you make in my mind.
Thankyou for sharing this with us

Mountains, and mountain streams, have a similar effect on me. This is a beautiful work, and it captures to perfection the dangerous, beautiful, heady feeling you get when you are so full of love your veins seem to hum, and the essence of the earth hums with you. ::::}

Mmm. The essence of the danger and the thrill and the certain infinity of the realization of love. The stream is beautiful, but the journey is hard and you never know if you're going to slip and fall to your rocky doom -- though you think you won't, because you think he/she is going to protect you, never let anything hurt you. So you put the bad out of your mind, thinking only of the good.

Then, later, when you go tumbling and they can't do anything about it, you think to yourself, "Why was I so blind?"

But the answer is plain: The stream was so beautiful and the moment was so perfect.

Then you wonder if it was all worth it, but that is a question that can never be answered.

Lovely work.

Black Knight
Nice description. Really.

Veld Cooper
I read this with utter joy, caught up in the crisp fresh air of excitement, exploration, bubbling brooks and expectation you so skillfully convey, dear Zoya - lovely ending!

How do you do it? Please, share your wonderful abillity with my. Amazing poem. Words of such poetical meaning

urgh :P omg, that so sensual, and so poetically beautiful. i would love to be in that scene you painted, in the countryside, with running streams and stuff. gorgeous

This is absolutely beautiful Zoya,there is a real magical quality to this, your descriptive tendences are second to none and it flows better then the stream you describe :-))