to say goodbye

I barely hold in
the screaming tears and
grief that roil
in my belly like
a grotesque child
in an empty womb,
alive and kicking furiously.

You pull away
before I make it to the top
of these steep stairs.
Why do I hurt
as I watch your car
round the kerb?

I want to see you
before I go.
Do I love you
or have I fallen in love
with you?

We kissed
and orgasmed
in the forked tongue
of flickering firelight,
the night translucent
as it boiled
on our shimmering skin.

Tell me why I'm bruised
from smiling
and denying
I've made love to you.

Poetry by Arti
Read 955 times
Written on 2008-10-19 at 08:13

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Teddy Donobauer
You catch the conundrum of not knowing what love is if you look at it too much very well... Teddy

I love this poem, I am sure everyone in our live goes through the same emotions. Love has no guarantees. Great write Arti

Rob Graber
Lave is the locus of such pleasure, pain, and confusion... A most potent write!

lol this made me smile Arti! the things we deny in love? So glad you are not actually saying goodbye, as we don't! smiling at you, loving your simply human approach....Tai