The Apology

Is the gun ever not cold?
Lovers pricks the fingers old.
Trigger piggers snort the powder
Make the bang bang ever louder
Quitter's bitter vile contempt
Make their final glorious attempt
And whilst they fall like flour
To crush control their final hour
Break free from their human pod

Do you think they see God?

Do you think he greets them all
In midst of any fatal fall
Does time stop water flow
Do notes and whistles slow
Does he or she speak in rhyme
Inside his/her dilluted time

Do you think they see God?

Do you think he/she paints
With any artist's usual restraints?
Do you think he/she enjoys the sunrays
As we often do on morning mondays?
Do you think He criticizes
All creations he despises
Do you think She loves them?
Do you think they love Her?
Does She have any disguises?

Do you think they see God?

Do you think God apologizes?

Poetry by weirdzarun
Read 483 times
Written on 2008-11-07 at 04:47

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I like this one.
It's an interesting question really.
According to the bible God forgives.
But it says nothing about apologizing.

What we believe can be so diverse, interesting text of the heart and mind of where you might be or what you perceive. I found this an entertaining piece and beautifully written from a brilliant mind.

Amna Ehsan
maybe they see but do not discern because seeing needs just eyes while discerning.... pang of conscience!
nice write:)