My journey into my soul.

Take the Dive


I take a dive,
Into the innermost pit of my body;
See white fluffy clouds and pink bunnies;
Dancing around a marble platform,
Screaming a silent prayer.
Lost in my thoughts I stand;
Swaying in the gentle breeze that is insanity,
He comes.

A bright light smashes his way into existence,
Vaporising the pink bunnies;
Destroying the marble.
As my eyes adjust,
I see the light for what it is,
The powerful spirit,
Wisps of  smoke flowing out from underneath,
His undefined form,
Swirls of silver mixed in with the white mass,
Blazing deep azure blue eyes,
engraved with knowledge, wisdom and intelligence,
Two black dots analysing my every detail.

He moves,
Drifting gently,
As graceful as an air filled ball,
Gliding over the ocean;
Drifting slightly above the scarlet floor;
He comes towards me,
The breeze of insanity becomes more pronounced,
As he approaches,
a chill creeps up my spine,
and my breath leaves in small spirits,
That slowly dissolve into the wind.
Face-to-face the spirits eyes glow with satisfaction,
He tilts his head,
Opens his invisible mouth,
and screams the screech of death.

Blasted back into reality,
I cover my pointed ears,
Cover the colour in my eyes,
With a layer of thin flesh,
I wait,
And I wait,
And I wait;
The screech will not stop,
Endless pain tearing through my very bones,
As my tiny companions scream at my brain,
Telling it to sleep,
But it will not.

Finally it ends.

I open my eyes,
To find myself in a ball on the floor,
Removing my fingers from my ears,
I blink,
Dizzy I re-familiarize myself with my surroundings.

A solid fiery liquid,
Moves underneath my feet,
Black walls of ash surround me on every side;
The friendly glow of the spirit is gone.

Startled I look up;
There above me,
Eight foot tall,
Covered with flames,
And enormous muscles,
Carrying a gigantic silver scythe,
With black handle,
Horns nearly twice the size of my leg,

Examining him closely,
I see the tattered black pieces of cloth;
Surprisingly un-aflame.
His scrutinising eyes,
Stare at me,
Pity and mercilessness
Destroy all that was once good in the world,
Taking a single stride,
He lifts his scythe,
Paralysed with fear,
I stand, fixed, as he swipes his blade through my neck,
And I watch, as he falls to the ground,
Legs crumpling beneath his huge weight.
And I am transported back.
And I whisper.

A single word.

Poetry by Ryker-Lei Glasgow
Read 1007 times
Written on 2008-11-30 at 22:54

Tags Insanity  God  Devil 

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Wow!lol Tai repeating herself

Wow! transfixed, hows that for a word! 15 in that picture? maybe in some form. Smiling at you, Tai, loving your work

Esti D-G The PoetBay support member heart!

keep 'em coming!

The journey you portray is far too real. And, this work of yours if absolutely delicious! Keep writing and growing and wondering.

Wow... What a journey!

Welcome n the bay, young man :-)

You take the dive with so much style and dignity that it astounds me.....thanks for sharing your amazing journey, I was with you all the way....smiling at you, Tai, loving your work