never really done a happy poem before, most of them are quite depressive, so this is a new area to nice please


In all that i know,
In all i have experienced,
I have never met someone
With such defined beauty
As a Mythical Dragon,
Or the Flaming Beauty of the Phoenix.
Nothing i know of,
Has made me defy
Time and Space,
Law of physics
To reach anything,
In its time of need,
Except you.

No Demons,
Foul beasts of purest depths of hell,
Shall tempt me from you,
Nor angels,
Play their harps,
Around my heart,
For as I walk with you,
My heart glows,
With purest satisfaction
Of knowing
You're there.

Deep within my soul,
No twisted family,
No destruction,
No Allowance of impurity,
Will enter my heart,
As i think of you,
Consuming the clocks,
As i ponder,
What to say.
Finally i see you,
Standing there,
As i run to meet you,
But no matter how hard i try,
I cannot move,
I am fixed,
As you slowly,
Slowly fade away

Poetry by Ryker-Lei Glasgow
Read 1002 times
Written on 2009-10-28 at 19:26

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awww ryker thts ded nice xD
keep writing drl x

A brill poem
Written strght from the heart!
Keep smiling+writing
Em xx

This feels real, this is what life often comes to: finding perfection, knowing what it is, and then realizing the impossibility of reaching it.

This is tightly written, very strong. And, yes, it does end sadly, a dream that you want to hold fading away.

This is a much longed for, physical meeting of two souls dear Poet! YOu give the occasion justified glory for the wings of poetry to fly so high.

Amazingly beautiful in every lines flow. Perfect free form.

Smiling at you


Applause for the effort and guts of going out of your familiar 'area.' It's not a sad poem and neither is it the happiest. Very realistic. And I can relate on other levels to the tenor of the poem and its underlying tensions. A sister of mine is named Millie and there are moments wherein I just stood there as she 'faded away.' And of course I have had crushes and infatuations that I never acted upon. That thrid stanza brought the flow together - 'consuming clocks' and running but remaining 'fixed,' and finally the fading away. Job well done!