Deep in the mellows,
of pathetic fucked bullshit,
sitting in the damned cuntry,
of this derranged pastime,
we have chosen to call life.

I sit and watch,
people walk by,
they come and they go,
their lives meaningless.
Surley not,
Surley we arehere for somthing,
but no,
just coming and going,
lives pointless as an ants to the world,
tiny and short,

Who could live a perfect life,
A perfect girlfriend,
Perfect family,
nice friends,
Everyone works so hard to obtain,
Changing their personalities,
To impress people,
So much hard work,
But one mistake,
One miniscule mistake,
and it all gets taken away,
You could be at the top of the world,
That one mistake could ruin it all,
and you culd find yourself,
at the bottom of the food chain,
in months.


Poetry by Ryker-Lei Glasgow
Read 1104 times
Written on 2010-01-06 at 21:05

Tags Pointlessness  Truth  Anger 

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