Free of insanity

walk alone,
along the darkest street,
one lamp lighting the darkness,
as I travel slowly,
the one light flickers
and dies,
after only 15 paces
and hells demons surround me,
and suck me down into madness,
into my minds retrospect hell.

Swirling round,
I find myself tied,
to a chair,
facing my heart,
wrapped in chains
surrounded by black walls,
and billowing fire,
being torn in different directions,
by four demons, of which,
one is angel,
but before i can decipher,
I am dragged to level two.

There my brain,
being stabbed,
by numerous classes of people,
willing me to learn
willing me to escape,
luring me in.
tearing and ripping my brain,
disorientating it,
destroying my soul.

Level three,
of this insanity known as hell,
comes piling upon me,
removing my body,
leaving my celestial spirit,
tied up in chains,
ripped in two,
as you appear,
the angel defined,
all demons ignored,
dazzling Emerald eyes,
show love and compassion,
shoulder length brown hair,
soft and blowing,
in the non-existent wind,
Radiant skin,
illuminated by hells fire,
pearly white teeth,
destroying darkness,
scooping me up,
out of this nightmare,
all is clear,
and I am free,
Free of Insanity.

Poetry by Ryker-Lei Glasgow
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Written on 2009-10-17 at 23:39

Tags Insanity  Freedom  Angel 

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Kathy Lockhart
you are gifted with the language of emotional imagery as well as the mental imagery. You have written I am sure the woes of many here especially those of your age. But these feelings can travel with us throughout our life. It's in facing these 'demons' that we grow stronger in wisdom and in our expression of self.


amazing. that just, sums up everything.
keep going ryker, just let it all out,
never be afraid of what's inside.