Because of Saint Francis, live Nativity scenes are popular all over Italy.

The First Christmas Tableau. Assisi 1223


Assisi town sits atop a great hill,
on sprawling Umbrian plain.
I visited once in two thousand,
and a year or so later, again.

Saint Francis Bernadone was the first "green man,"
he loved nature and animals and birds.
In fact, one day in the forest,
he preached to these creatures with words.

Sister Poverty his constant companion,
his rule he strictly laid down.
A community of Brothers he founded,
years ago in Assisi old town.

This holy young man one Chistmass,
was inspired to create a display.
Real people and animals featured...
ours are all plastic today.

Saint Clare I am sure portrayed Mary,
a Franciscan brother, Saint Joe.
A real baby boy snuggled down in the hay,
at that beautiful scene long ago.

No "fairy lites" in Assisi those days,
nor glimmering solar-lit star.
But the stars in the Heavens shone down from above,
more lovely and holy by far.

The cattle were stunned into silence,
and the sheep emerged from the fold.
The doves in the rafters coo-d softly,
as this tableau began to unfold...

The donkey just stared in wonder,
wide-eyed at the new baby boy.
Animals gentle and patient,
amidst golden candle-lit joy.

God bless you Saint Francis Assisi,
(that's where you spent most of your days.)
You gave us a gift in twelve twenty three..
in wonder we still stand and gaze.

Poetry by normalil
Read 816 times
Written on 2008-12-04 at 01:52

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ngaio Beck
Beautiful tribute to an exemplary person!

An absolutely wonderful poem and pure pleasure to read~Graham.

Kathy Lockhart The PoetBay support member heart!
such beauty in your words and I adore St Francis of Assisi. We have a what is called Mt. St. Francis here in southern Indiana. The chapel there is beautiful and quaint; the flora and fauna are wonderful.