Wish I had the wherewithal to post a photo of this treasure.

Empress Marie of Russia and her Fabulous Diamonds...

Empress Marie of Russia,
mother of the murdered Tsar,
owned a fabulous diamond necklace,
the best in the world by far.

Sister to our Queen Alexandra,
Marie had all the best bling.
(I wonder if Alex was jealous
despite being wed to a King?)

Anyway, back to that necklace,
the pride of Dowager Marie.
Such extravagance angered the peasants,
(can't blame them I'm sure you'll agree.)

The Bolsheviks stirred up the people,
who were terribly hungry and cold.
They murdered the Tsar and his family,
but Marie, she lived to grow old.

She fled to her native Denmark,
and ended her days all alone.
But those fabulous diamonds just disappeared,
no-one has since seen a stone!

Marie refused for the rest of her life,
to believe that her grandkids were dead.
Four beautiful girls and a handsome young boy,
filled her nightmares with anguish and dread.

Her son and his wife gone forever,
their bodies thrown down an old mine.
Though gone now their memory lingers,
and like diamonds, continue to shine.

Poetry by normalil
Read 1050 times
Written on 2008-12-28 at 17:59

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Story telling at its poetic best Norma such a pleasure to read~Graham.

ngaio Beck
Well done,with art and accuracy.

Christian Lanciai The PoetBay support member heart!
Wonderful, just wonderful. My godparents were refugees from St. Petersburg 1917, my godfather being a colonel in the imperial army. They lost everything but saved their lives by escaping to Finland.

By the way, her name was Dagmar. In order to become empress of Russia she had to convert to the Russian Orthodox Church and change her name, but in Scandinavia she was always known and loved as Dagmar. An old friend of my father's actually met her in his childhood, as the imperial yacht went on holidays in the Finnish archipelago...

The winds of history never calm down.