Sometimes you wish I weren’t like this

And then you see someone trying too hard to escape who they really are.

So you’re glad I’m just me.

Rosemary Rhyme


Embarrassed myself on the dance floor

She’s being my left foots claw.


Bloodgirl neats 4 shots

Told her I love her lots


Fingernailing herself in hate

Emotions I refuse to rate.


I magic mark the pages

Bring her outta her cages.


The next phase starts in bursts

A lonely spider cursed


It’s time I learnt to love again

She’s reveling in solitary feign


The cases merge

Freezers make the power surge


Chocolate cake and sandwich

Lipbalm my flavoured kiss


The mint in our mouth

Making it hard to pout


The finger up his nose

I crinkle my toes


With his guitar

Stringless Star


The perfect pose

The wrong rose


I’d need to break rules

Fit into ‘too cool’s


On his one-way motor way

Watching closely what he’d say


I’m walking outta line

Would he make his mine?


Mexican Whine

Comfort with time


Learning in rhyme

Rosemary and thyme.

Poetry by Puddled
Read 966 times
Written on 2009-01-03 at 22:27

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