Thanks to sarah for inspriation

Its just not fair

I want to tell you.

But I hide my face.

I try to say hi.

Nothing comes out.

So instead you just walk right on by.

Its just not fair

I feel like you are just saying good bye.

But my mind says its over, my heart says its not.

I had a chance and I blew it.

All on you.

Its just not fair

My love hanging in the air.

Wishing my face would just turn normal.

It gets worse when you talk.

"That girl likes me look at her face"

I just don't want to know you anymore.

But my heart says yes and my head says no.

Its just not fair.

That I have to suffer and you don't care

Poetry by Courtney Marie Marion
Read 773 times
Written on 2009-01-13 at 03:46

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Pamel Brooke
I enjoyed this poem, we have all been there I would think I know I have in the past. Your poem explains your feelings very well.

Love the title caption, the italic is great, I love the interaction of thought created, you did a wonderful work of art giving it a very practical flavour of how you feel.

Sarah Mae
Yes there is a big difference
But its good otherwise