Wordplaying on betrayal

Alligator Tears

Writings across this concretewall fixed with plaster
You couldn't even begin to imagine how much I crack when I'm fragile
I'm like feeding a crocodile, best thing to do is to wait for a while and see if I still got the munchies when I've bled for a mile
Alligator tears, I've been crying for years
Placing a protective hand around the chickens, when roosters are ready for the picking is usually a bad investment, your best vestments stained with chickenshit
I think you know that's not appropriate

Leave me on the doorstep of reason, your reversed footsteps drenched in muddy treason
Precious treasuretroves for half a company of flies to feed on, and as long as I'm intraveniously yours, I'll bleed on
My universe ripe with armageddon any shiny pipe to hit my head on
Has me stranded dead on
Walking on my own in the vault of Al Capone
Come on, say it isn't so, let's just pin it on Geraldo

Poetry by lou bergs
Read 698 times
Written on 2005-07-11 at 12:55

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chasingtheday The PoetBay support member heart!
and the days spin by as the will is beaten down.

Hmmmm, I have the munchies...need some chips!
I know if i dug really deep in to this i'd feel as lost as this made me feel. It's like you are tying so very hard to make some appreciate you, or love you. Are you looking foracceptance here? I may be reading between the lines again, I do that sometimes. Your choice of words here is wonderful and the flow acceptional!