If my life were an open book...would you read me...or would I become dusty upon your shelf ??

If Life Were An Open Book

Just think how much easier
Life would be...
If life was an open book

There'd be no more guessing
Along the way
Trying to figure...go or stay?
Do or not?
Sink...or swim?
It wouldn't much matter...
The text would say

The script of life would clearly be
Written on pages...meant to see
The characters portrayed
Would be carefully chosen
Based upon need at the time

The plot would develop
Page after page...
Year after year...
With sub-plots...
Scattered throughout

Life would be simpler then...
If life was an open book

Each book would be different though
And some...might intermingle
But no two books would
Read the same throughout...

Some books would be longer
And perhaps...a little dry
While others with a real great plot
Would seem to surely fly

Of course...
We would have our favorites
That we're unable to put down
We would read them with great gusto
And feel loss once they are done

And what of my book...
The reader might ask...
Will it be long...
Or sadly shortened?
Will it be of epic form
Or short story proportion?

Will my book become a best seller
To anyone but me?
And if it does...
Who will read it..
And will they see the real me?

If my life was an open book
The mask could slowly lower
Secrets...fear...and trepidation...
Would surely then be over...

But it's not an open book...
And so...I live within a wall
A fence so sturdy round my fort
That it will likely...never fall

Dee Daffodil (HW) 3 March 2008

Poetry by Dee Daffodil
Read 826 times
Written on 2009-02-10 at 15:15

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Well as far as imagination goes you should be on the top shelf! this is like a breath of fresh air so its unlikely the dust will get a chance to settle, very cleverly put together and asks more questions then most will have answers for~Graham.

I read, no dust on a shelf!
A clever story, you would be busy writing
for a long while! And we would get to know
you very well. But then its nice to guard some
secrets too, Thanks for sharing your thoughts./N