I feel ignored, I feel as if no one cares and I hope he is happy for making me feel this way


I am a rock

I feel like I am a rock going threw time

Getting kicked around once in a while

But I shall not shatter

Evrething is moving around me

I stay still

Wondering if I get kicked or steped upon again

If I will shatter

I cant handle this anymore, these stomping feet

People just trying to get to where they want to go not carring about their surroundings

It hurts me so

I am just a tiny rock now

A peice of gravel

Not on a playground but on the streets

I feel very weak

I think if I see a foot again....

I think if I get stomped on again....

If I get stuck in the monsters shoe again...

There will be nothing left

And no one will know of my exsistance


Poetry by Courtney Marie Marion
Read 861 times
Written on 2009-03-05 at 03:09

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karly Brock
Awweuh, Courtney,
I really love this poem!
And i care,
so Don't say that no one cares
iloveyou my dear.

Sarah Mae~
That is still a refection about guys
getting your heart broken/getting stepped on
But its good