am i???

My Thorn...

I am a girl
Born in love

Through innocent steps
I reached this stage of cruel world
I played my part with honesty
and wish to continue as long as I last

As the day light open its curtain
I start walking the mysterious path
Rose petals are spread on the way
and I feel like a princess

A thorn makes its way to my flesh
I tremble and fall
But no body to hold me up
and I feel alone

I pull out the thorn
I curse it
I spit on it

When I am about to throw
I hear the cry

"I was a boy
Born in love
I tried to play my part with honesty
But they separated me with my love
Said I do not fit with the softness of my lady love
Now I am alone in this path looking for my love
When I felt your softness,
I thought you are my lost love


I put him in my pocket
Near my heart
My heart says" finally, I found my pair"

Once in a blue moon
I worry
If I am forcing him to stay

Poetry by White
Read 382 times
Written on 2009-03-10 at 20:11

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