If i could stop...

you are a stupid person says my heart to me
i smile and say yes i am
that is why you are hurt again and again
yes i do
but my dear heart you only see the pain
what about the joy my stupidity brought to you???
she smiles and say yes

O my dear heart
my partner in crime
you are the one to beat faster
giving me the hope of happiness
if i could stop you from being restless
if only i could stop you from dreaming again
i would have been safe

o my dear white
my partner in crime
you are the one to allure me
asking me to try
maybe this time it is for real
so i beat for you
if i could fulfill your emtiness with love
if only i could find a one you are waiting for
we both are waiting for...

Poetry by White
Read 778 times
Written on 2012-04-25 at 03:45

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