Life as it comes...

A long way to go
Without knowing where it will stop
Taking wrong turns
And making it right somehow
Painful it is but most beautiful
Filled with mysteries to be revealed

Listening to the songs of others
Learning to be brave and learning to be happy
With the life as it comes
Here I go with the flow

One heart full of love of my mother
One soul full of strength of my father
One circle of my sisters
Once circle of my friends
Here I stand on the cross road
To make another wrong turn
And make it right somehow

I know I will be hurt again
I will be lost in the dark again
I will feel helpless again
And then I will cry again
Expect to be rescued again
And then I will search for the light again
I will fight again
And I will win again
And I will walk on my way again

With my yesterday and today and tomorrow
Here I go with the flow
Celebrating the Life as it comes.

Poetry by White
Read 829 times
Written on 2012-04-04 at 04:07

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Amy Valentina
Lovely poem and so true...