Sweet Anger...

My heart sings your heart's rhythm
Can you feel the vibes?
My soul dances with your soul
Can you feel the moves?

Close your eyes
Take a deep breath
Touch your chest
Yes, I live there

As I write these words
Keeping myself company with your thoughts
My nerves become restless
Sparks of fire in my heart
It starts to burn

I feel the sweet anger rising on my head
If only I have a sword with me
I would use all my power
and slash this cruel distance between us

I would storm in to your room
Destroy everything that comes on my way
I would reach to you
Grab your collar
Suck and chew
Until our lips bleed
Wouldn't you like to feel this sweet anger?
My Love...

Poetry by White
Read 378 times
Written on 2009-03-26 at 14:47

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