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Trois-par-Huit Compilation

Can You Hear?

Can you hear
With but a writers ear
Those words softly whispered by the pen

That would carry the thoughts of the author when,
To silent music his pen would dance once again

And the song it sings we would find here
All his visions made clear;
Can you hear?

- by Liam


With the Source

As I look
inside my little book,
I see black letters on a white page.

They grin at me, mischievously, and I feel caged,
trapped by my own inability to engage
my mind in apposite intercourse;

And, yet, I have discourse
with the source.

- by nepenthes


Little One

little child
imagination wild
life is so simple for you today

free of guilt and shame, uninhibited you play
but years hold toils that take your innocence away

as you grow, don't lose the babe inside
heart open with each stride
blue eyes wide

- by Purple Phoenix


I'm Sorry

listen you!
when I say we are through
you're supposed to see you're under par

come back the next day to say how sorry you are
not drive around with another girl in your car
looks like now, it's my turn to worry

quick temper my folly
I'm sorry.....

- by Purple Phoenix


Loved by you

When we met,
A day I'll not forget,
You lit a candle inside of me.

Day by day it burns more brightly, letting me see
That I am worthy to be loved, but could it be...?

Yes, I realise it to be true
That I am, through and through,
Loved by you.

- by TonyD


Meditation by the Sea

breathe in
feel the warmth on your skin
close your eyes, and gently sigh it out

just slowly, in through the nose, and out through the mouth
from your head to your toes let the tension flow south

the sounds of the sea, healing and free
hear mother nature she
and just breathe

- by Purple Phoenix


Citrus Men

Corrodes blades,
Yellow of multi-shades,
Always dancing up and down the knife.

Subtly, lemon juices cause such happy strife
Acidic corrosion assassinating life,

With silver blade we attacked the den
So fighting back, they send,
Citrus Men.

- by liz munro


Can't Make Bail

What a grin
my baby had back then
swallowed up under his cowboy hat

With a rifle in his hand instead of a bat
He took aim at the bad guy portrayed by a rat

He was so sure that he would not fail
Lost hero now in jail
can't make bail

- by melanie sue


Love is Bliss

Links two hearts
Happy as two mating larks
Spiritual bond transcends even death

A soulful beauty that steals you very breath
You give with all you've got until there's nothing left

The magic of your very first kiss
Apart it's you I'll miss
Love is bliss.

- by liz munro


3 by 8

the immaculate rise
of  birds singing outside my window

and the long divisions which incessantly grow
in the imaginations of injected glow

(growing ever so insulated
within my sin's mistake's
three by eight)

- by nepenthes



Seafood stew
A basil, saffron brew
Sea Robin, Congre, Scorpion Fish

Pernod provides a hint of flavor licorice
Vegetables and shellfish help complete the dish

For authentic travel to Marseille
Ambrosia's put in play

- by Brian Oarr


My Mother

One who knows
Just where everything goes
And the words to say when sorrow shows

Singing nursery rhymes in her own little song
Giving a love that's everlasting and strong
Gentle rebukes when I'm in the wrong

She's unique, like no other;
My mother

- by Liam



Love's nature
Is great! Breaking culture's
Oppressive patterns, it makes us twins

A voice that knows how to touch my ears, thrill my skin,
Wake up my centre, the warm source of bliss within

A velvet silken wave, a caress
To perfectly express

- by Aliena


wait for day

and lately
waking in the night she
gasps and gasps and gasps for breath and cries

that she can't breathe can't breathe no matter how she tries
he wakes and touches her and helps her recognize
she's breathing... things soon will seem okay

so through the long night they
wait for day

- by Rob Graber



When dark grief
falls and there's no relief,
my thoughts fan out to cold, gloomy things.

When the broken wind chime on my balcony rings,
when the April rain subsides, the chilled zephyr sings

night after night among the wet limbs
indolent, mournful hymns:

- by William Stewart


Evil Roots

Mad hired
Demon spawn I'm sired
Magician of evil magnitude

Radiating such a murderous attitude
Dirty worked enslaved minions shown no gratitude

Controlled barbaric thugs my recruit
Whim killing gives my hoots
Evil roots

- by liz munro



In this time,
Life's mysteries sublime
Open to us as we share our love.

Virtuous circles, reinforcing joy thereof,
Entwined, our hearts, our minds, our souls soaring above

Yet here on earth, the sine qua non:
Our bodies thrive upon

- by TonyD


i'm a crutch

careful there
you should really beware
i am a bad pussy katt on speed

and, if you ever need me to protect your seed
i'm there! i am alwayz here in your timez of need

i have clawz to bite and jawz to scratch
bullies, assholez, and such
i'm a crutch

- by jinx


Scratch yer crotch

Jinxy katt
what are ya grinnin' at
Figurin' yer new weppenzz, methinks

U're sneakin noizelessly behind the bog's wild pink
Bright yellow fangzz and greeny eyezz that nevah blink

While assholez get destroyed, you just watch,
cut a notch, pour sum scotch,
scratch yer crotch

- by ylva


Am I Dense?

I don't know,
but don't want it to show,
what some poetry is all about.

Am I ignorant or are others pretending
the Emperor's new clothes are not condescending?

Some poems just don't make any sense.
Giving up all pretense,
Am I dense?

- by Phyllis J. Rhodes


I Love You

I hear it
Each light heartbeat's soft hit
Slowly pounding deep within your chest

I feel so amazingly close here as we rest
Just together as one with my head on your breast

So simple an act; so complex too
I'm now sure it is true:
I love you

- by Ducks


Stoopid Foolz.

Wot da fuck?
Youze guys is outta luck.
Cuz im gonna show howta do it.

Countin sillabullz, makin rimez, who gives a shit?
Three by ate, ya sez? Feel my thirty-ate bullit.

So youze guys likes ta follow da roolz,
Jess like a bunch of toolz?
Stoopid foolz.

- by oml


God's Sigh

Rain taps tunes
Of Aprils, Mays and Junes
And all the fresh offerings of Spring

Thunder clouds clapping, keep time for the dancing drops
Lightening bolts streak bright across the fretting tree tops
A concert performed to perfection

Written and produced by
God's sigh

- by Phyllis J. Rhodes


Until Light

Encourage Whippoorwills
To call the evening life to arise

The sun sets low making clouds shimmer in the skies
As night takes over the last of the daylight dies

Lightening bugs, moths, bats and owls take flight
to feed and play all night
Until light

- by Phyllis J. Rhodes


My Strange Brain

Love randoms
unique wrestles phantoms
The shoe fits wear it but bring band aids

You want weirdness I have plenty of it in spades
stick with me and your insanity will not fade

This grey country is not very sane
enjoy walking this lane
My strange brain

- by liz munro


I'm entranced

it sounds like pastries sweet,
or something that a small bird will sing

while sitting on a wire or riding high on wing;
either way, I smile at the thoughts these three words bring.

Poems like this could only come from France,
land of gourmands and romance;
I'm entranced.

- by John Lambremont, Sr.



my weaponz
thingz which i just happen
to love, especially the big onez

you know, the onez with which a katt can just bludgeon
you to death, though i also like magnum handgunz

they are very cool thingz to explore
but, i will settle for

- by jinx


To Be Free

in the end
all i want is to mend
my past transgressions and then retreat

to a haven where truth and understanding meet
and solitude descends to spread its soothing sweet

shroud around my lonely soul and me
all i want is only
to be free

-by Sun.Moon.Stars.Rain

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They look like beads on a silken thread, don't they :-)

liz munro The PoetBay support member heart!
Thanks for the
hard work you
do with these.

I look forward
with delight
to the next challenge.


They're just amazing. No lack of talent here at poetbay. Kudos to all.