In response to Kip's poem: "Sometimes I feel I am the leaf", which in turn was inspired by my poem: "Sometimes I think I am the Rain" ...I think that was cute!

Sometimes I feel I am the Flower... (in response to Kip)...

Sometimes I Feel I am the flower, *
Next to the leaf that you are,
Bobbing my head and nodding to you,
My petals fragrant with pinkish hue,
Smiling lovingly at you!

Sometimes I want to be the bud,
Unopened, and untouched,
Flowering and blooming to your touch,
When, you enfold me it your tuft,
Protect & shade me from the frost,
With fear, on wintry night, I'm fraught!

To be the pollen in the center,
Sprinkle you with honey nectar,
Enwrap you with a tender fervour,
Love of you in my heart to nurture!
Make you drunk with Manna dew,
In a way, can very few...

Sometimes I feel along side,
The green leaf that you are,
I am that very flower!

Author: Zoya Zaidi
Aligarh (UP), India
Copyrightę:Zoya Zaidi

*Now Kip, may be you will be the bee?

Poetry by Zoya Zaidi
Read 1466 times
Written on 2006-01-31 at 17:56

Tags Love 

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I swear, I smelled flowers whilst reading this!! Bravo!

Beautiful, Zoya! This is a really neat idea. I love the second verse, just the whole image of innocence and safety and love and protection it presents is very nice. Cheers!

Hey Z, tell you what i liked what you started here and you can bet your 'tosh' I'll join in with somethin too! HaHaHa!! ...THe '...sometimes..' craze has truly blown me away.

Veld Cooper
Another inspiring, carefree exploration of the wonders of nature - enjoyed it immensely, thanks Z!

...Sometimes i feel i am a bee,
and you're the flower that in my path i see,
your succulent self brightly poised
atop the peak of a rose filled shrub,
waiting for your pollen grains to be devoured and scatterred by me...(coming soon)

...Perhaps i will be the bee! lovely response...simply amazing....i dint see it coming...

This is so pretty :))) I can't descibe it in any other word! It's pretty pretty pretty

Amazing Zoya. Your words glow with a special glow from the earths core. Fantastic:)


wow what another great poem!!!! well done i am impressed by your skills to write poems like this one!!!