slip sliding

Din of Silence

There is a din in this silence:
purrs of a cat,
soft, sleeping sounds of a child,
the humming from this opened hole into the universe.
And my thoughts are louder still
whispering in each breath I take.
I am not alone; I am amongst the quiet--
those who've come alive through deadened darkness.
As vapors move the strings of my hair,
like fingers they move eloquently, playing
violin strings weeping for expression.
All of this brings life to a deeper thinking,
an introspective detection of the who
of whom I am. And then it is written--
sent into the ethereal examination of
those sitting in their own din
of silence



Poetry by Kathy Lockhart The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2009-05-02 at 06:47

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Editorial Team The PoetBay support member heart!
This text has been chosen to be featured on the front page of PoetBay. Thank you for posting it on our poetry website.

Phyllis J. Rhodes
With this piece, you have reached heights and depths of literary painting only those with souls of poetry and prose, like Poe and Thereaux Browning and Keats, Yeats and Frost, and Dickenson and Dylan have touched. Bookmarked and applaud.

M Heathcote
Great write, Kathy, examining every nuance of thought is all that's ever often left us.

night soul woman The PoetBay support member heart!
Your poetic words:) aaah my dear friend thanks for sharing your talent with us here on poetbay:) this poem was exactly what I need to read right now:) Thank you from the bottom of my heart. So well written! Keep writing you dear one*applause*and*bookmarked*

I can feel here the dawning of a new serenity and hope , born out of times of struggle. A beautiful meditative text!

chuma okafor
Very original and i like the way you seem to speak of universal day happening from a state of poetic inertia... in addition the imageries are thought provoking,and lots more, i say kudos...

This ethereal connection is magic. And so powerful, far beyond "reality". I haven't seen a poem centered like yours in a long time, almost forgot it could be done, it fit your words, enhanced them somehow, almost as if they came floating down . . . from the ether.

I especially like the image of a strand of hair likened to a violin string. Very original and unique.

Amy Valentina
Hi, Kathy
It appears we are all starting to cherish the adage SILENCE IS GOLDEN...
Nice one there that speaks of the wonders of silence...