Cherry blossom vale (At the border lake)

It is a thing of beauty
my cherry blossom vale.
My heart lies free and soaring
on paths of polished shale.

In time I'll come to rest here
in search of peace and shade.
Within its blessed boundaries
an Eden I'll have made.

I'll stand within a forest
in brightly-coloured light.
Beyond the trees, the heavens
will host a rising kite.

I'll hear the sound of children
my thirst for joy they'll slake,
while walking through my Eden
down to the border lake.

Atop a glimmering ghostship
I'll spot her at the helm.
Her spirit will come gliding
out of the mortal realm.

My hand stretched out in welcome
will guide her to the shore.
Her scent of dusk will carry
eternity in store.

It is a thing of beauty
this cherry blossom vale.
The life we shared in loving
unbroken will prevail.

Poetry by An-ders
Read 587 times
Written on 2009-10-16 at 11:34

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John Ashleigh
Absolutely out-standing! I really have nothing to say, other than I'm going to have to bookmark this poem, and give you an applaud. Thankyou for sharing!


Wow! what a beautiful journey you take us on, to this delightful cherry blossom vale! Your final stanza, the most satisfactory never ending...

Smiling at you