Tricks of the mind...

Seeing Ghosts

It happened late last night
And caused me quite a fright
When I saw you in that car beside me
And you wouldn't look my way
What was I to think...
What was I to say
I've never had this happen
Never lost my mind before...
I was really quite confused you see
Couldn't seem to find the door...

How could it be that I could see you ?
I must be going mad...
It just brought home one point for me...
What a ghost of a chance I had had !
You've been out of my life for quite some time
And I've let you slip away...
But what was that...
That glimpse of you I had
If it wasn't've got a twin
Or...I've surely lost my mind
Or maybe I just needed to see you...
Any way I could...

Poetry by Dee Daffodil
Read 699 times
Written on 2009-05-02 at 15:47

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A fine and most excellent poem, succinct and just wonderfully put together! loved it...

ngaio Beck
Wow! I think that's beautiful! Thoughts can exist for a long time and like fine wine, improve with age. No-one has fully plumbed the power of thought'

Elle The PoetBay support member heart!
I wrote a poem a while back called 'mind games' this reminded me - sometimes our minds do play tricks

good to see you posting again

Elle x

Kathy Lockhart
this leaves me longing for the sight of my loved one who has passed over to the otherside. I think I might feel just the same. But, oh how i long for the chance.
I appreciate the style and the structure of this text.

cool, or rather eerie perhaps.
and perhaps, the most important thing is not what it was you saw, but rather what reactions it caused in you?