Pretty Poetry

Poetry shouldn't be pretty.

It shouldn't soar or fly or float.
It shouldn't glisten or sparkle or gleam.
You shouldn't hang it on a wall
or write it in a card
or recite it to you lover.

Poetry should be ugly.

It should ache and burn and sting.
It should make you uncomfortable,
like a toothache.

It should make you chew
on the other side of your mouth.

You should poke it with your tongue,
over and over,
just to see if it still hurts.

And if still does, a month later,
you should have to get it yanked out
and keep it in a little jar on your nightstand,
as a bizarre little memento
of that unpleasant feeling you had
back when everything else was just fine.

Poetry by Rapscallion
Read 660 times
Written on 2009-05-16 at 16:34

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liz munro The PoetBay support member heart!
Pain and hurt are
quite often the
best inspiration

I like how surprising
this was, great opening
line, it really grabs
the reader's attention


Personally darling Rap! Poetry can be all things to all men! Depends where your muse takes you. For me, and what I want from poetry, is when it takes my heart and soul and makes me soar! Ya know! like high.

I do agree, that the best poetry, as you say, is the type that really hurts us, as poets, love the chewing on the inside of the mouth imagery! it made me chew just reading the line.

I love your poetry, it ticks all the box's although I would love to read into your erotic muse!lol

Smiling at you, wishing you much inspiration this weekend.