Battery Acid and Birds of Prey

Locked my heart in a golden cage
Threw my life away
Book of love turned another page
Flow me down to the riverbed
My head up high, my eyes were low
My ears, they don't know where go
Our earth is getting hotter
The valley's flooded with holy water

Blue, green, red
Ooh, she's dead
Black, gray, white
No day light

Warm my bone
Own up to
times I've try-
angle points me to home


Heard an owl say something wise
Opened up my opened eyes
Gave my home to charity
Gave my mind some clarity
A hand reached out and clipped my side
I lied and said I was late
He left me to pontificate
If owl's knew shit at all

Blue, green, red
Who she dread
Black, gray, white
Back tonight

Battery acid
Diamonds shine
I know your face
Ace of spades points me to home


Poetry by weirdzarun
Read 561 times
Written on 2009-05-18 at 10:14

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Sulfuric acid is wicked stuff. Ask anyone with an ulcer
I wonder if owls get ulcers.
Probably not.
If I could eat up all the rats I meet....
Nope, Probably not.

Finely written Michael.
Great rhythm.
Ya got da beat!!!!