This piece left my mind & fingertips in only two minutes, though I believed it was decent enough to publish here.

One Son of Science

He was birthed from the depths of an ocean;
His blue hand the first to emerge from crashing froth and foam,
Fingers clenched into a dormant fist.
Deep breaths were choked in by the boy
As the rest of his body materialized from the caress,
The sweet, sweet tongue of freezing water.
Despite his skin being clothed in the glistening liquid,
The child remained completely naked and stripped of emotion;
He was a creation lacking fate.
The boy neither held death nor life in the silvery palm of his hand.
He did not live, he just slept with open eyes and a sinister smile,
Which both held an untouchable truth and an obvious lie.

One experiment in the lab of society.

Words by Kerra Dolarhyde
Read 1030 times
Written on 2006-02-03 at 04:33

Tags Experiment  Society  Science 

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Christian Ward
So beautiful in its imagery. Lovely to read

and it IS worth publishing here . I like the story hidden deep amongst your flow of words . Well done . Glen ( GB )