Written after two days without sleep. Seems I have a thing for these self-important, arrogant characters.

Edit; changed some things, hopefully for the better.
Edit; Err, changed a lot again.
Edit; Finally done (iambic, pentametre)

Sonnet 1 (Nevermore - The last sonnet)

As boredom plagues and haunts an idle mind,
A ghostly struggle ever fought in vain;
These words are wailed; "Alas, I'm left behind!"
Poor man; he might as well have been insane.
For always claimed and worn; the words of old,
Indeed; no longer fresh, all spoiled and soiled.
Old lines are all but hoarded quite like gold,
In truth, nigh every joy forever foiled!
Is this what present poets call prowess?
The world of rhymes is naught but jumbled chance!
"Nay, nevermore", the sullen poet says,
The bored, impatient pen shall cease its dance!
No artist writes as in the days of yore,
And thus; I quote the liar, "Nevermore."

Sonnet by Thomas Selnes The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2006-02-03 at 13:27

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Veld Cooper
Rich, colourful, fruity - like a good red wine! Really like your stuff, dude!