Skeleton Keys and Junk Drawers

You never know what lurks inside.
Eventually, you come to the realization that you cannot save everything.
You have to refurbish, reface. Even if your bones rattle.
I bought an old skeleton key at the Stevensville Antique Shop.
....they had to add "and Homegoods"to the sign, because people were complaining
the stuff wasn't old enough. How insensitive of nostalgia.
Apparently, some things are just better left in your closet.

Buried and forgotten:
the kitchen junk drawer suffers my own remains.
An odd mix of artifacts and memories:
Liz's piece of doll house furniture,
A crumpled photograph of people hardly remembered,
bread ties that should have been thrown away. Various nails, buttons and a cork screw.
Someone's baby tooth the fairy forgot to retrieve.
A valentine with dust attached,
Tiny bottle of dried up elmer's glue.

"Let's just bury it all inside the base of the new countertop and call it a time capsule"
Wondering what else is hidden;
she sighs. A reflection in the mirror whispers:
"why don't you just pretend to keep that smile"
A girl from long ago nods her head.

Poetry by BlueyedSoul
Read 1107 times
Written on 2009-06-11 at 20:56

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Colin Skilton
Hello Pretty Lady,
I see you have written here again even like me its been a while.
I loved this poem like opening an piece of parchment and finding a joy inside that has been hidden for many years and fills the mind with all sorts of imaginations and treasures.
Excellent work and thankyou for sharing with us.