Perchance to Dream

this stream runs deeper than i would of thought
a deep dark chasm
keeps threatening to pull me under
there is no rescue from the shore
no soul within scream's reach
haunting voices,
missed words surround me
i grab for swirling
lost moments
when i wished for more time.
hell wants to rob me
of happy times;
you sitting by my bed waiting
the first face i saw
when death tried to take me away;
and always being there.
stuffing twenty dollar bills
into my palm when mom wasn't looking
for the trip back to college,
jumping from the stairs into your arms
when you came home from work,
and christmas shopping,just you and me,
sitting at the kitchen table after Mom died
talking like new found best friends again
i choose to forget those moments of dementia
when you looked into my eyes like a stranger,
not being there when angels came for you;
forgive me.
And when in the darkest hour of night, i am awakened
sick with loss, your bed empty now,
no chance of hearing your call for assistance
I suddenly feel your presence,
perchance to dream?
i know not many would believe this,
but here in this room
I know you are with me

Poetry by BlueyedSoul
Read 1146 times
Written on 2010-02-02 at 08:14

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Christian Lanciai The PoetBay support member heart!
Very real.

welcome back missing you

the flow of your to a soft sound
touches the reader,with gentle hugs to you
simply beautiful the writer you are
be kind to yourself....always
lovely to read u cindy