And somewhere lions still roam and never know, in their majestic power, of any weakness

on how the lions live

And you know how I can go on and on about that subject
Nursing on your silence between my commas
Doubt not my entertainmentskills my friend

On the other hand you´ve probably heard this speech
Now you want to SEE the lion or even touch it

Here is your ticket, buying the ticket is part of the game
Oh look at the sleepy cats how relaxed you might say
Wowing and oh´ing with a demented smile much like theirs

To your information they are not sleeping
Oh no my friend they are digesting

Look at the fence, shall we climb over it?
I know you´re laughing the idea away now
Very aware of the fact that you will do it soon
Excited by your performance which will attract a crowd

Outside the blindspot I take your hand
Underneath your paleness from surprising yourself
The truth , the touch with nature´s inner secret, the lust
Soon this longing for the most elementary will be fulfilled
I stand here with you as the male lion gently glances at you
Destroying every doubt you ever had
Eyes into yours as his tongue moves towards your hand

The children around are cheering
Holding the hands of anger shouting for the guards
Ending your moment the lion turns away

Because you both know now that you taste like nothing
Leaving the lion you leave the black spot
In that where everything get sucked into
Now all that remains is that small space in front of you
Dizzy with the uncomfortable reward of a safe return
Something was now ended without an end
Parents pulling their children away from the show
Once you dreamed this scene but it tasted differently
The spot still looks empty and you long as much as before

(if not more)
(if not a lot more)

Poetry by EmelÚn The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2009-06-17 at 00:18

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Editorial Team The PoetBay support member heart!
Dear EmelÚn, the month of May marked the 10th anniversary of PoetBay. Your poem has been chosen to be featured on the home page, as a highlight of the good posts that have been published on PoetBay since 2005. Thank you for posting on our poetry website - you're part of PoetBay's history!

Holy shit I loved this! This is the first poem I've read in poetbay that I've actually liked. Its got the philosophical weirdness of John Ashberry with the deceptive simplicity of Frank O'Hara. Bravo, my friend. And thank you.

It's so good to read you again, you know

liz munro The PoetBay support member heart!
I like the hidden
depth to this - you
convey a lot more between
the lines then your
words actually say.

The title caught me eye
as I love cats.