a different  acrostic entry for LIZZY'S FUN/SILLYCHALLENGE,

as I find most things both fun and silly

Black fleeting fragments of happiness


Fuck is a really bad word if you´re a mormon

Underneath the wooden stairs I used to say bad words

No you can´t say fuck

No you can´t say feck either! 

You´re such a retard my sister sighed


Telling a lie was also really bad if you were five

Hell was nothing, you could end up in much worse places

I knew there could be nothing worse than nothing

No way would I be caught telling a lie, even when my brother tricked me into believing I was invisible and I tested it by walking around naked

Going around naked in our house was of course totally unacceptable 

So I never told them that I was in fact truly invisible


Terry Mc Dermott used to be my hero

He had a fantastic mustache and played for Liverpool

And I used to kiss his hairy lips above my bed every time I felt bad

Terry was my everything, even after I discovered that it hadn´t actually been Terry but this other dude on that poster


My mother used to worry about me a lot

After church she liked to update everyone on my last misbehaviour

Kayla, my older sister, was close to perfect

Even after she got herself pregnant with a missionary who´s name was Elvis


Young missionaries used to love to come to our house for dinner on Sundays

On some Sundays we could be close to twenty people  by the dinner table

Uncle Edward was the main reason for our popularity I think, he used to end every food-blessing with a loud fart


Certain jerks and assholes will always appear in ones childhood

Reappearing at school reunions disfigured after plastic surgeries

Yearning for anyone's approval so that they can formally stop being known as the jerk and the asshole


On such an occasion I ran into a guy who used to be known as Tommy

Under the knife of some skilled surgeon he had transformed into Tammy

Tammy was a brilliant name change I told him, and I just knew that this person may never have believed in nothingness


Later in life I came to discover that my own fear of nothingness had vanished

On occasions I still say fuck without the e

Underneath almost every believed truth lies a little lie

Don´t misunderstand now and think that everything told above are lies, they´re not, and being invisible as I am I wrote this piece completely naked in my backyard.




Poetry by EmelÚn The PoetBay support member heart!
Read 1095 times
Written on 2009-06-24 at 20:10

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chuma okafor
I particularly enjoyed the excellent skill with which you captured the duality and literally the other side of people,events, things etc.Nice one...

liz munro The PoetBay support member heart!
LOVE the ending hee hee
Thanks for your entry


Rob Graber
Most entertaining! "My mother used to worry about me a lot"--literally lol!