I swear that I am Not paranoid...lol.

The Internet.

The Internet.

The internet to me is a very strange place,
is it down on this earth or somewhere in space?
We chat to folk there, but don't see their face,
and some of the sites are a proper disgrace!

Despite all this it's a nice place to go,
if you're feeling bored and the pace is slow.
I spend much time on sites that I know,
but my love of technology does not seem to grow!

Sometimes the computer's a bit of a bind,
won't do as it's told, and is really unkind.
It's just a case of the blind leading the blind,
but anything I want, my computer can find!

That's why it's a joy to have my fingers on keys,
the joys of the internet, all here with ease.
But I beg you all listen, and remember too please,
the internet's becoming Man's greatest disease.

It tells us fine tales of love, valour, bereavement,
some say it's mankind's greatest achievment.
But I often wonder, once my e-mails are sent,
are they safe, or perused by someone who's bent?

Internet banking is just not for me,
I can do it all down in the village for free.
I don't want some hacker, out on a spree,
getting out of his head, or out of his tree.

Many acts of terrorism, (remember Mumbai?)
Were done with the help of the internet spy.
We must protect ourselves hear my cry,
as around the world messages, words, pictures fly.

Poetry by normalil
Read 1040 times
Written on 2009-07-03 at 01:58

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Great work there Lil. I definitely am not a high tech person, but I do enjoy the Net. It is a great place to meet people. I met my new wife online. We are a great match.

Well poem!
my frien!

ngaio Beck
You may be the voice crying in the wilderness,(but very cleverly)

ken d williams The PoetBay support member heart!
An interesting poem , with a cotent I emperthise with. The net hasreplasde penfreind's , some thing I as a yong lad so wonted , but dfue too me being a dydlixic was out of the questsan.l Sinse I have been on the net. I have met and made freinds all over the world. Sherd much with all I have met. Been a wittes and involvde with events in the world , experfanced great hroes tho history will not write of them. Curige that humbuls me. Been envolde on a xmas eave a world net , catching some one in dier need of a net spind by us on the web.
The net is a reflection humanity , humankind the good , the bad , the damde right ugly! The net brings us all closer more at times than a little. '' The Bay '' , has shown this I think , many write who may not have dun , shired our poetry with the humanity of the world. Thanks Norma , for putimg in to words much of what we are thinking .

Ken ( D Williams )