Rex Rhapsody

It's been such a long road

There was a fork in the road
But I went straight
Outjinxed the sphinx
And entered the gate

She was there to meet me
And the chorus sings
They branded me a hero-lord
And a king of kings

But as the sunlight left the dial
I felt Antigone's fading smile
As she led me to exile away

Now I'm trapped in this silly cartoon
With fools and dukes, and a bunch of loons
And a set of furniture I'm not familiar with quite yet
This literary maze that stands before us
A paparazzi band of moron chorus
And something called "Cabaret"

I still don't know what I was smelling for
Cept the scent of my own ambition and
For my Greekieness there is no excuse
Something the rest don't understand
I've been to Delphi, I've been to Thebes
And still those Scandinavian chicks give me the heebie jeebs
I guess I'll sit here blindly, let my fate unfurl
Sophocles, I hope you rot in the underworld

Poetry by weirdzarun
Read 570 times
Written on 2009-07-03 at 20:59

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This reminds me of a quick crit of michael jacksons life, michael!lol Wonderful work.

Love the title and every word, Outjinxed the sphinx, especially, is all we can hope for.

Love ya

Tai x

Yesseriue Michael!!! Just what I needed to perk up my ears and make my nose cold and clammy!!!!
Merci Nick