It Was Just a .....

I was walking Forward
As i heard a voice
I turned around
And there she was
running towards me
Came strait in my arms

I held her gently tight

Could not let her go

I held her in the air

I said
My Love
What took you soo long

She said
I am here now
And we shall never depart

My God
She's here
In my arms

Even God wept
For it started to rain
It washed away my tears
It took away all my pain.

My God
She's here
She's in my arms

BUT then something happened
Wish it never did

My eyelids departed

My God
She's not here

It was just a Dream

She never came
It never rained

It was just a dream

My only DREAM

Poetry by Hamzah Khan
Read 1126 times
Written on 2006-02-07 at 10:37

Tags Arms  Dream  Love 

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wow... what a wonderfully written poemthis is beautiful. i hope that your dreams do come true somrthimes they do!!!

amber lynn

this is beautiful.... sometimes those dreams come true. great write ~angie~

But it was a good dream!

A good poem, but i think you have forget
"`s" in she`s .

Just some pick of course.