"Thanks be to God for our Sister Water, who is so serviceable unto us, and humble and precious and clean." St. Francis of Assisi.


Oxygen and hydrogen,
mingled both together,
bring precious rain upon our land
it's part of normal weather.

Hydration for our bodies,
of the very purest kind,
this gift from God we just ignore
how can we be so blind?

Water for our food crops,
on this we all rely.
Without clean unsullied water,
all life on earth will die.

"Let's dump our toxins in it,"
the Corporates do cry.
"It doesn't matter if the fish
cannot breathe, and die."

Chemical poisons (sadly used,)
to fertilise our land.
The run-off kills our rivers,
all this we understand.

In Europe we're so lucky,
we have water everywhere.
In Africa (and Texas,)
the river-beds are bare.

The world is short of water,
one day there will be wars.
For right of access to a pure
and crystal clear resource.

Poetry by normalil
Read 1049 times
Written on 2009-07-15 at 14:29

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ngaio Beck
Kind of thing that must be said,(by someone)
You did.

This is nothing short of excellent in rhythm flow and content with a very clear message to all ~Graham.

Nick and Northlight, I am in awe of you both. Thanks very much for such imaginative comments.

An unpleasant truth on 9perhaps) the road to extinction.
Thanks be to water... for being there.

Two Hydrogen. One Oxygen
One part greed. Liquid toxigen
From the water table
To the tropopause
We, the unstable
Flush exhaust
Foul the nest
Effect and cause
We are guests
Let's leave something
For the rest.

How right you are, Norma,
so well expressed and as usual
in a very flowing rhyme!
Clean water is like precious gold
it flows at places manyfold
at others there is barely any
to drill, for so very many.
Imagine survival without this liquid
you just won`t make it!
be careful, don`t waste it!