Light the Fire Inside

Wichita in the summer has the glow, has the feeling
Mother and child are numb, her and the babe are home healing
Quiet rebuke, you're the duke of kings and guides
That's why baby Jesus cried
Light the fire inside

A woman without any number visited Rome, saw the ocean
The fisherman wanted to love her, but couldn't speak his emotion
Quiet regret, you can bet your heart abides
Next time fight the tide
Light the fire inside

Plato and Sigmund discussing plans
Shakespeare and Marlowe are shaking hands
But what have we come to here
To caramelize the year in

The kitchen, the ashes, the ember, are a scab with infection
We wanted to lay there forever, under the stars cool collection
Quiet resound, but to who do you confide?
The hottest, blackest night lies outside
Light the fire inside

Poetry by weirdzarun
Read 576 times
Written on 2009-08-05 at 02:00

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Oh always fan the fire Michael!lol Loved the language, like a riddle wriggling...

I loved the line

.Quiet regret, you can bet your heart abides..

Hope you're right

Smiling at you


On the edge. Great.