The Legend of the Rib


Your love, my love, is now an icicle in my breast
your friends you still have and one is playing me
if I were not awake I would have thought it were but a jest
tis a creation of a Black Rose through my Alchemy.
The Grim Reaper comes over Hades waters
Aye. Truly the awakening of the Guardian
nearer and nearer the fear appears clearer
over the River Styx the skiff is staked by blackrob'd Charon.
From the ploughing rituals in the fields of corn
we played we loved we won we failed
to the harvester of sorrow and joy and scorn
we plagued we lowed we shone as the sun did at our tails.
Like Zeus entering the rosy vagina called Earth
I throw the rings at the wooden phallos of my soon to be born
to see my family and the extent of their birth
and in the fields, the people and earth the seed is sown.
The procreation of the wicked throughout the times
and memories shall be reborn
world stops turning, time stands still during the orgies and orgasms
'cause the ones overjoyous forever shall live on
joy inside and outside in the poetry in motion of erotica's phantasmagoria.
I leave my castle to seek the nature for the gold
I have been told in this chest
I am in the starry night below the balcony
I never knew why the Succuba and the Incubus never met
maybe 'cause then the dreams and peace of Earth finally would be.
I too have been inside this cave of love
gave flesh to flesh, laughter to laughter
looking at the stalactites and stalagmites; as above so below
from a chill that could kill to the wetness and warmth there.
If my Alchemy not for gold were made but for woe
enjoyment of bearded fawnlords and blushing fairymaidens
the rosy dawn and the remembrance of a time long ago
I see now the woods of death become an appearance
of sacrificial ritual heaven.
From first day we creep back into the womb,
now entering as a fullgrown man, back then leaving for the crib
nearer and nearer for each day I can hear her
but alas at the goal of life, my love penetrates me instead
like an icicle through my ribs.

Poetry by LordParzifal
Read 1247 times
Written on 2009-09-07 at 13:49

Tags Nature  Love  Sadness 

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